Kitsune Jolene (Jolien De Waele, 1992*) is a street artist, based in Ghent, Belgium. You can find her reaching from Belgium all the way to Portugal and Dubai. Usually painting portraits of women, animals, fauna and flora sometimes infused with subtle nods to various cultures and myths.


• Meeting of Styles Antwerp

• Mural 'Listen to your momma, darling', Napoleon Destanbergstraat, Ghent

• Tour Elentrik, Treepack, Bredene

• Mural for Loures Arte Publica, Street Art Festival, Portugal

• Collaboration with Dead Artist Society for T-shirt line designs, Antwerp


• Mural 'The Morrigan' for Vagevuur, Lokeren

• Multiple Murals for Emirati Coffee Roastery, Dubai

• Tour Elentrik, Treepack, Brasschaat

• Street Art WKND, The Truth Is On The Street, Art Gallery De Wael 15, Antwerp

What is a Kitsune?


The story behind the name is basically the following:  After a long search for an alias - because my real name is unpronounceable for most - I decided to google deep dive into the origins of my favourite Pokémon 'Ninetales', who turns out to be based on the Japanese myth of Kitsune. They are spirit foxes who can turn thousands of years old, but after the first 100 they can shape shift into -typically- young women. They're known to be mischievous, playful, not necessarily good nor bad.