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Kitsune Jolene (Jolien De Waele, 1992*) is a street artist, based in Ghent, Belgium. You can find her reaching from Belgium all the way to Portugal and Dubai. Usually painting portraits of women, animals, fauna and flora sometimes infused with subtle nods to various cultures and myths.


Kitsune Jolene (Jolien De Waele, 1992) artist based in Ghent, Belgium. I'm an autodidact muralist, with a background as a university art historian masters drop out, in favour of chasing my dreams of painting murals. Spraypaint was my first love but I’ve learnt to work with brushes more in recent years, mixed media is my sweet spot. My work portrays mostly people painted in a vibrant recognizable palette, characterized by an emotional and dreamy feeling to them. I try to find ways of working my fondness of mythology, storytelling, local folklore and flora into my murals through detailing. I also just love to learn about the location of the wall and create a mural the community can really attach themselves to.


Analog photo by Dave O'Sullivan

• Street art Puurs, Geisha's Little Secret x Wallin', BE

• Urbane Kunst festival, Basel, Switserland

• Calais street art festival, Atelier du graff, FR

• Glengormley street art project, Belfast, IE

• Waterford walls, Waterford, IE
• Wynwood mural fest, Miami, United States



• Ajuinlei, Wallin, Gent, BE

• Dampoort festival, Wallin, Gent, BE

• Hit the North, Belfast, IE

• Astrant, Ede, NL

• Chinastraat, Gent, BE

• Memur Festival, Oldenburg, DE

• Sweden Walls (Pow Wow Sweden), Helsinborg, SE

• Ardu Street Art, Cork, IE

• Le Mur de Mouans Sartoux, FR

• Awesome Athens x Belgian Embassy, Athens, GR


• Daydream, Naft festival, Sint-Niklaas, BE

• Tunnelvisie, Mol, BE

• Astrant Jam, Ede, NL

• Nymphae, vzw Jong, Gent, BE

• Viewmasters, Dendermonde, BE

• The Crystal Ship, Oostende, BE

• Meeting of Styles Kosovo

• Kunstwerkt festival, Stadskanaal, NL

• Lelystad festival, Writers Block, NL

• Graffic art festival, Puteaux, FR


• Vipers x Lobster Robin, Merksem, BE

• Bridges street art festival, Bruges, BE

• Astonishing Austin x Disney, BE

• Huidhonger and Chrysalis, Wallin, Gent, BE

•King of Birds, Odysee, Gent, BE


• Meeting of Styles Antwerpen, BE

• 'Listen to your momma, darling', Gent, BE

• Tour Elentrik, Treepack, Bredene, BE

• Loures Arte Publica, Street Art Festival, PT

• Collaboration with Dead Artist Society, BE


• 'The Morrigan', Vagevuur, Lokeren, BE

• Multiple Murals, Emirati Coffee Roastery, Dubai, AE

• Tour Elentrik, Treepack, Brasschaat, BE

• Street Art WKND, The Truth Is On The Street, Art Gallery De Wael 15, Antwerpen, BE

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